The best jacket down brand Canada goose

Canada is located in the southern edge of the Arctic, cold winter weather exist nearly half a year, the demand for warm clothing is very high. Because of its regional characteristics, Canada has created many world-class professional cold brands, Canada Goose online outlet uk is one of them. Canada Goose called the “Canadian Goose”, the early production of feather and snow coats, not for the general public design, but for Canadian Rangers, police officers, prison guards and environmental officials designed to allow them in the winter cold and snow, can still carry out the task.

Canada Goose’s down jacket is the lightest of the velvet charge, the edge of the hat is the Arctic fur-known as one of the world’s most warm down jacket. It is said that in the ice and snow $number degrees Celsius in Canada, wearing a thin T-shirt can go out, enough to see its warmth. Today, “Canadian Goose cheap store uk” is a world-wide, in addition to its warmth, its handsome exterior design is also the key point that people love all over the world

Canada Goose’s collocation characteristic is normcore (Normal+hardcore), namely “strives for the ordinary” the anti-pompous style. So it is a rare “hundred-lap” style down jacket. Whether it is a long or a jacket style, because of its concise appearance design, as well as the excellent thermal properties, regardless of what can have their own set of Tide fan. With a thin shirt vest and a small floral skirt.

Canadian geese did not rely on the star effect at first, nor did they send a pile of clothes to fashion editors, like other fashion brands, but decided to send down their jackets to the security staff at the door of Toronto’s toughest nightclub. “They let a small group of people start noticing the brand. People began to imagine a rough Canadian marching in the cold wind. The man in Canada Goose london outlet sale is an explorer, which makes the story popular in a short time and escalates into a strong brand image. “Susan Fournier, a business school professor at Boston University, said.