Development of the Canada goose

Brand extensions are another way that luxury manufacturers can preserve their high-end products while becoming more accessible. Car makers such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW have been able to do this by offering consumers different models of their cars at different price points, says Chernev. Mercedes’ A-Class and BMW‘s 1 Series vehicles appeal to very different customers than their S-Class and 7 Series  Canada Goose Coats UK models, but still maintain their high-end brand associations.

One fashion company that’s been trying to make a comeback with a brand extension is UGG Australia. Known for its sheepskin boots that were all but mandatory for Hollywood starlets in the mid 2000s, UGG has more recently been pushing into men’s footwear. Although some celebrities like Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis were seen sporting a pair of UGGs around the time it was a big fashion trend for women, it never caught on with male consumers. In 2010, however, UGG inked a deal with with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is now a spokesperson for its UGG for Men line. The company also ramped up its brand awareness among male consumers with a more rugged advertising campaign. Millie Ho, a consultant with Retail Category Consultants in Toronto, says the marketing campaign and accompanying social media contest generated a lot of renewed interest in the brand.

“They tried to differentiate themselves, but the problem is they already had a tagline along the lines of ‘you wouldn’t really be seen wearing Crocs if you’re a fashionista,’” says Ho. “When they tried to pull off Croc wedges and heels, it just went against what they were known for previously, which was comfort and practicality, and not necessarily style.”

Once a brand has become popular,Canada Goose Expedition Parka  whether it survives after the trend passes will depend on whether a consumer aligns with a company’s brand and message. “If you buy an offering because of the product and not the brand, then the power of the brand has declined, and the brand is not serving its function to its full extent,” says Chernev. Creating an emotional connection between a brand and consumers will help to ensure that it prevails even after the trend has moved on.

As  Canada Goose Coat Sale has built its brand around its heritage, its commitment to craftsmanship and its quality of products, the winter outerwear manufacturer has made sure to highlight these key points to consumers. “Canada Goose has really been ramping up their content marketing,” says Ho. “They wanted to create more of an emotional connection with their consumers by having very aspirational campaigns where you have inspirational stories of explorers in the Arctic.”